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Pro Bono Mentorship

Support for your MN software startup

Expert Guidance

Mentoring by experienced software executives.

Unbiased Feedback

Independent, frank, and open input on your company’s performance.

Structured Growth

Focus on the point of highest leverage for your company.

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If you’re the CEO/founder of a startup or emerging growth software company,
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What People are saying

  • The MESA mentors are one of the most trusted advisors a founder CEO can have. MESA brings both trust and clarity to help a founder address challenges and determine what actions are best.
    Chad HalvorsonCEO, When I Work
  • MESA is an independent third party with zero connections to the a result, it was always about "How do we help this company get better?"
    Matt QuinnCEO, EmergingSoft
  • The monthly meetings realign on direction, allowing time to step back and think about things that tend to get lost during day-to-day operations.
    Stephen RandallCEO, AutoIce